How does Chinese medicine cure hepatitis C?

Because the onset of HCV is insidious, its progress is slow, and its incubation period can be as long as 10-20 years. About 80% of people infected with HCV will not show special discomfort. Therefore, the medical community calls HCV a “silent killer”. At the same time, there is no preventable vaccine for hepatitis C. Especially in the past three years, there are more than 200,000 new cases of liver disease every year. The population infected with hepatitis C is increasing year by year. Therefore, timely treatment and control of hepatitis C is particularly important. How can Chinese medicine treat hepatitis C? of?

On one hand, it is anti-virus.

All activities of the hepatitis C virus throughout the life cycle are in the liver cytoplasm (in the hepatocyte cytoplasm), rather than enter the hepatocyte nucleus, so it is relatively easy to clear. Hepatitis C virus does not recur after being cleared and is no longer contagious. As long as the principle of “early detection, early diagnosis, and early treatment” is followed, hepatitis C is not only curable, but treatment is relatively simple.

On the other hand, liver damage caused by hepatitis C virus must be repaired.

Traditional Chinese medicine is targeted in the treatment of liver damage caused by hepatitis C. On the basis of dialectical treatment, it suppresses the worsening of liver fibrosis, controls the continued development of the disease, and restores liver function, because it is not just a comprehensive treatment, rather than just limited to antiviral problem, During the treatment course, a comprehenive treatment effect can be acheved, say, to soothe liver and tonify spleen, to protect liver function and improve immunity, by this comprehensisve process, hepatitis C can be controlled from the root. Because liver damage caused by hepatitis C is not formed once, it is an iterative process, and a continuous process. It can be relatively static for a period of time, or it can relaspe again and again over a period of time. As a result, it forms cirrhosis.

Traditional Chinese medicine has great advantages in treating hepatitis C, especially in the treatment of liver fibrosis, liver cirrhosis, and liver tumors, and also has great advantages in preventing liver fibrosis, liver cirrhosis, and liver tumors of hepatitis C. in the view of chinese medicine, it is better to treat the disease before it gets worse, handle the issue before it develops into a mess.

or hepatitis C patients in early stage of cirrhosis, through professional chinese medicine treatment, many patients can reverse the disease and even get cured; for cases in middle or later stage, after treatment, the illness progression can be blocked and complications can be avoided. Massive clinical cases show chinese medicine has played great role in different stages of hepatitis C treatment.

How does Chinese medicine cure hepatitis C? It should be reminded here that 55% -85% of infected people cannot be immune to the virus and they can become chronic hepatitis C, just like a “time bomb”. 15% -30% of chronic hepatitis C patients will develop into hepatic cirrhosis, 20 years later, high risk to have liver cancer, so regular check-ups in time and early treatment are the basis for early recovery.

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