What degree can chinese medicine treat hepatitis C

To what extent can Chinese medicine treat hepatitis C liver cirrhosis? TCM treatment of hepatitis C and liver cirrhosis is generally based on dialectical treatment. Different people use different treatment schemes to solve the root cause of the disease and combine all-round and multi-methods to increase the immune system of patients while inhibiting the virus. Progression of liver injury, restoration of liver function, comprehensive stereo system treatment. The sooner you get treatment, the sooner you get reversal or recovery.

In treatment, chinese medicine stress the key function of spleen and stomach.

spleen and stomach are the source to produce blood and nutrition, for patients with hepatic cirrhosis in end stage usually have insufficient Qi and Blood, so it is necessary to consider spleen and stomach, they are the foundation of acquired constitution.

Then it is required to regulate Qi activity, because spleen is to raise nutrition, the stomach is to discharge waste, the decline of internal fire from entire viscera, and the rise of kidney water, including the liver and gallbladder Qi run smoothly,, must be regulated by Qi activity from the spleen and stomach axis . Therefore, the central axis spleen and stomach is a center and a hub for the entire lifting.

Besides, the axis function from spleen and stomach also influence limbs, therefore, fatigue in limbs also results from spleen and stomach. Tonifing spleen and promoting Qi, removing dampness are the common methods to use in actual treatment.

Still, for hepatic cirrhosis patients with long illness history, they usually have insufficiency in kidney and liver, after being infected by virus, heat-damp evil can appear in the body easily, this happening can incur insufficiency in liver and kidney over time. Therefore, nourishing liver and kidneys are one of our treatment program to design.

The 3rd is the Qi activity. For most patients with hepatic cirrhosis will have Qi block problem, so it is necessary to promote Qi and soothe liver.

In total, chinese medicine stress the relation between liver and other organs, urgent treatment is to relieve symptoms, slow treatment is for root cause.

Traditional Chinese medicine treats hepatitis C liver cirrhosis. First of all, it is based on syndrome differentiation and comprehensive treatment. It avoids only symptomatic administration, for example, low protein is used for protein transfusion. Anemia just give blood transfusion, bleeding problem justs use anti-coagulation to stop bleeding… Well, chinese medicine stress soothing liver and strengthening the spleen, regulating qi and dredging organs, promoting blood circulation and dissipating blood stasis, softening the liver and dispersing the stiffness, and protecting the liver; it also has a comprehensive effect of improving immunity.

Therefore, traditional Chinese medicine is safe and effective in the comprehensive treatment of hepatitis C cirrhosis. It has great advantages and good results, controls the progressive development of the disease, prevents the continious deterioration of liver cirrhosis, and restores liver function.

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