Can Medication Cause Liver Damage and What Should I Do

Many patients with chronic disease have to keep take medications everyday to keep their health. Can medication cause liver damage for them? Unluckily, the answer is yes!

Liver is said as a factory which works as the first line of defense against toxins that enter the body. It removes them from the bloodstream before they can reach other organs and be harmful. In a word, liver can transform the poisoning substance into toxin-free. No matter what you eat, such as food or drug, the liver will process them firstly before they are transformed into other parts of your body.

Medications are chemical products which will cause damages to your liver, especially for children, if they are taken for long time. But the drugs for liver disease make less injury for liver than other medications. And some drugs take more side effects on livers, such as chemotherapeutic drugs, cancer drugs etc.

What should I do?

Here some suggestions for patients who need to take medication for a very long time.

– Talks with your doctor and replace the harm-to-liver drugs with mild ones.

– If your medications can not be changed, you’d better to take test for your liver function every 3 month.

– If necessary, please take some drugs which can help protect your liver from other medications.

Liver plays a very important role in keep your body running well. The body will die within one day without liver. Thereby, it is necessary for you to know what drugs you take and whether they are harmful for you liver or not. If you want to know more, you can leave your medication list below and you will receive a reply from our doctors.

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