What Recovery Could Be Expected After Chinese Medicine Treatment?

Several dys ago, one case with hepatic cirrhosis was accepted here in our hospital. When this patient just came here, he had 16cm ascites, with a ‘pregnant-type’ belly and splenomegaly. He could not move easily and his liver also shrinked. After specific diagnosis and treatment on this case, his ascites basically disappear, spleen size also recovered gradually. What a surprise, the shrinked liver also growed by 1cm, the laboratory indicators also improve to normal and his mental status has no difference with normal people. He can lead normal life as well. Why Chinese Medicine can give such a result?

We need start with the cause of hepatic cirrhosis.

Hepatic cirrhosis is a common chronc but progressive liver disease. One or many health prolems exist in long time or relapse always, which causes diffuse liver impairment. In Chin, most cases are posthepatitic cirrhosis, still minor parts are alcoholic cirrhosis and schistosome cirrhosis.

The pathologic histology can show extenive necrosis of liver cells, nodule regeneration on residual liver cells, connestive tissue regeneration and fiber septum formation, consequently, hepatic lobule structure get broken and pseudolobule forms, liver can change shape, turn hard and then develop into cirrhosis.

In early stage, no obvious symptoms may appear because of iver’s strong compensatory ability. In later stage, we can see liver function lo and portal hypertention are the main clinical manifestation, meantime, many other systems get involved, in end stge, bleeding in upper respiratory tract, hepatic encephalopathy, secondary infection, hypersplenism, ascites, canceration and other complications can appear.

Hebei Hepatopathy Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine is a national clinical key specialized hospital, and Hebei Provincial Key Chinese Medicine Speccialied Hospital. We emphasize differential syndrome and specific treatment, so different individual case, different solution will be given to adjust Qi Movement, invigorate spleen and supplement Qi, remove wetnes, nourish liver and kidneys, soothe liver and adjust Qi etc.

In detail, we give patients clear and overall analysis to his condition, confirm its syndrome in the philosophy of Chinese Medicine, and then refer to its lab works. On the basis of overall analysis, we give proper but effective supportive medicine, remarkable comprehensive effect and local leasion can improve remarkably. Moreover, local and micro pathological change will be observed, combine with its clinical manifestation, integral chinese medicine wi be used to solve the problem from the root.

Hepatc cirrhosis is not incurable disease, prompt and systematic treatment can effectively control the disease and reverse its bad development in early stage. Never give up, there must be a hope.

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