What is the advantage from Chinese medicine to treat Hepatic cirrhosis?

In the treatment of liver cirrhosis, traditional Chinese medicine pays attention to dialectical treatment and holistic view, because the various pathogenesis of cirrhosis does not appear in a single, so the treatment should be combined with the treatment of evil, combined with various methods, multiple links of intervention, and overall adjustment. Starting from the source, blocking liver fibrosis, preventing the progress of liver damage, restoring liver function, improving immunity, and systematic all-round treatment, so Chinese medicine has an advantage in treating liver cirrhosis.

Cirrhosis is a clinically common chronic progressive liver disease, which is diffuse liver damage caused by long-term or repeated effects of one or more causes. Most are post-hepatic cirrhosis, and a few are alcoholic cirrhosis and schistosomiasis cirrhosis. Because the human body is an open system, and there are various complex and close relationships between organs and tissues, it needs to be treated from different angles and levels, as is the treatment of cirrhosis.

Traditional Chinese medicine has many advantages in treating liver cirrhosis. Firstly, from the early stage of liver fibrosis in cirrhosis, Chinese medicine has good anti-fibrotic medicines. There are Shugan Jianpi, Huoxue Huayu, Ruangan Sanjie, these can be added or subtracted from the decoction. Traditional Chinese medicine has a very good effect in the treatment of liver cirrhosis. The efficacy is mainly to promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis. At the same time, medicines for regulating liver qi, softening and solidifying, and activating blood can be added to control the continued development of the disease and prevent liver cirrhosis from worsening To restore liver function.

Once anti-fibrosis occurs, liver cirrhosis may even occur. Sometimes patients have very severe symptoms. For example, they have ascites. In modern medicine, diuretics and albumin transfusion are the common solution, well, it does not work well. With traditional Chinese medicine treatment, liver cirrhosis and ascites are generally due to impaired liver function. As albumin decreases, plasma colloid osmotic pressure decreases, resulting in imbalance of water and liquid metabolism inside and outside the cell, and water in the cell is lost to the outside of the cell to form ascites.

The treatment of traditional Chinese medicine is not merelydiuretic drainage and protein supplementation for symptoms improving, meantime, .it will soothe liver and tonify spleen, once spleen runs normally, nutrition can be absorbed well and turn into Qi and Blood properly, so as to recover liver’s function, of course, ascites will disappear naturally.

Therefore, when treating traditional Chinese medicine with liver cirrhosis, on the one hand, it is aimed at the cause, and the combination of traditional Chinese and western medicine can effectively control the damage to the liver. On the other  hand, according to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, treatment is based on syndrome differentiation, targeted degradation and clearing of fibrous tissue that has formed or is forming, and treats both the symptoms and the symptoms, reverses fibrosis and restores liver function.

As long as we grasp the timing of treatment and actively treat it, even if we cannot completely cure cirrhosis, we can block the development of cirrhosis and stabilize the patient’s condition.

What are the advantages of TCM in treating liver cirrhosis? The advantages of traditional Chinese medicine for treating liver cirrhosis are mainly based on systemic differentiation of symptoms and signs, which can effectively control the condition; while treating liver cirrhosis, it can also regulate other viscera functions of the whole body, improve patient’s immunity, and treat liver cirrhosis from the source.

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