Do I Need Treatment for Fatty Liver Disease and How

With the development of society and improvement of life quality, fatty liver disease becomes more and more popular. Nowadays, even some teenagers are found to have fatty liver.

Liver is the largest organ inside of your body, which functions to digest food, store energy and clean the poisons in your body. Fatty liver disease refers to a condition in which fat builds up in your liver. According to the progression, fatty liver disease is divided into three stage, namely, stage I(mild fatty liver), stage II(moderate fatty liver), stage III(severe fatty liver).

Do i need treatment for fatty liver disease?

The management for fatty liver disease varies from the stages. If you are in stage I or stage II, diet management and weight loss are suggested. In these conditions, most cases with fatty liver don’t need medical treatment.

However, for people with stage III (severe fatty liver), you are suggested to take tests for liver problem and your doctors will tell you a proper medical treatment. Without a proper control, fatty liver disease will develop into steatophepatitis, or even cirrhosis.

As for the treatment to fatty liver disease, statins medications are the common choice, which can reduce blood fat level effectively. However, it is harmful for your liver.

And this is why more and more patients love to choose Chinese herbal medicine. As people know, Chinese herbal medicine comes from natural plants, which can repair your liver naturally, without side effects.

No matter which stage you are in, once you are diagnosed with fatty liver, it is necessary for you to loss weight. What causes your liver fatty? Yes, fat! How does fat come from? Over consumption of food and lack of exercise. Thereby, diet management and exercise are always good choices for your fatty liver. And if you are in a sever stage, Chinese herbal medicine will be a good choice. If you have interest, you can leave a message below to get a herbs list about fatty liver.

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