What are the advantages of integrated traditional Chinese and western medicine in treating autoimmune hepatitis?

Generally speaking, autoimmune hepatitis is its own antibody caused damage to its liver. For the treatment of autoimmune hepatitis, it is necessary to use immunosuppressive medicine on the one hand and to prevent the progress of liver damage Blocking liver fibrosis and restoring liver function, a single traditional Chinese medicine treatment or a single western medicine treatment cannot achieve a better therapeutic effect.

Autoimmune hepatitis, also known as autoimmune liver disease, is a symptom of liver inflammation caused by the disorder of the immune system, which attacks the liver cells by themselves, leading to the destruction of liver cells. Mainly related to genetic factors, virus infection and drugs can trigger the occurrence of autoimmune hepatitis. The clinical manifestations are consistent with the symptoms of liver inflammation, as well as fatigue, hepatosplenomegaly, jaundice, and liver cirrhosis at the later stage of the disease. It can be treated with prednisone or combined with azathioprine, but it can only relieve the symptoms and not completely cure the disease .

Autoimmune hepatitis is very dangerous. It can cause jaundice and bilirubin in the body. In general, traditional Chinese medicine can intervene in the early stage of intervention, adjust its autoimmunity after intervention, metabolize it, and promote the recovery of liver function liver cells.

Because autoimmune hepatitis is caused by the autoimmune response, the traditional treatment is western medicine’s immunosuppressive treatment, which can alleviate the disease in the early stage, but with the prolongation of the disease and entering the middle and advanced stage of liver cirrhosis, these medicines can play less function, because of drug resistance and relapse. Therefore, if the problem of liver cirrhosis is not solved from the root, it will accelerate the deterioration rate of autoimmune hepatitis, and it is easy to enter the chronic failure phase of the liver. This is a relatively difficult stage to control. Therefore, autoimmune hepatitis is very harmful. Be sure to solve the root causes in early stage.

The cause of autoimmune hepatitis is the disorder of the autoimmune system. Traditionally, immunosuppressants are used for treatment. Although it can have some effects in the early stage, still it will cause the immune system to continue to be in a disordered state. Drug resistance and disease relapse are also beyond control.

The treatment of traditional Chinese medicine and traditional Chinese medicine focus on dialectical treatment. Each patient’s immune type and immune characteristics will be checked, on this basis, proper treatment will be given to regulate her immune system. At the same time, the bile and toxin accumulation caused by long-term repeated liver damage is eliminated, and the internal environment of the liver is improved. It is a must to reverse liver fibrosis, improve liver stiffness, so as to achieve the purpose of stabilizing autoimmune hepatitis.

Scientific and standardized combination of traditional Chinese and western medicine can treat autoimmune hepatitis as well.

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