Who Should Get Tested for Hepatitis B

Hepatitis B is a common infectious disease. However, almost half of infected people have not been diagnosed yet. The only way to make sure whether you have hepatitis B or not is to get tested. However, test for hepatitis B don’t be included in routine test. And you need to ask your doctor for specified test to know you have the disease or not.

Who should get tested for hepatitis B?

It is quite clear that the people who are at high risk should get tested for hepatitis B. You are suggested to get tested as soon as possible, if you are in one of the following conditions:

– Born in the area with high rate of hepatitis B

– Live with someone who has hepatitis B

– Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander

– Have taken medical procedures where the equipment was not sterile

– Have the history of drug injection

– Taken part in any traditional practices or rituals where blood is involved (such as traditional tattooing or circumcision)

– Live in the following area: China, Korea, Vietnam, the Philippines, the Pacific Islands, other countries in the Middle East, Amazon Basin, South and Central Asia (India, Pakistan and the former Soviet Republics), the Asia Pacific region, some African countries.

You can check our directory for a hepatitis B specialist doctor or use our resources to help you and your doctor through hepatitis B testing. For more information or help, you are suggested to leave a message blow.

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