She is a cirrhosis patient from New Zealand. She has a history of hepatitis B for many years. Because of abdominal distension for more than half a year, accompanied by lower limbs edema for 20 days, without treatment in various hospitals, she came to China for Chinese medicine treatment .

Six months ago, the patient developed abdominal distension for unknown reasons. He was diagnosed as “B virus cirrhosis ascites” at a local hospital. He traveled to several local hospitals. The condition was severe and mild. The patient’s abdominal distension aggravated again 20 days ago, also swelling occured in the lower limbs, so he came to our hospital for medical treatment. At that time, cirrhosis and splenomegaly (7.0 cm thick, 1.3 cm below the ribs), the portal vein widened (1.5 cm), and a large amount of ascites.

After hospitaization for 10dys,, this patient felt obvious improvvement, edema reduced, fatigue improve, appetite increased and stool has normal shape. After another 10days treatment, his sympotms kept improvin, acites disappeared. Then he followed the precription of our doctor to tke chinese medicine decoction for further regulation, in the following half year’s follow up, the ascites never relapse, liver function keep stable,, all indicators keep good.

In a sum, liver is the most important and biggest organ to detoxify our body, well, for patient with cirrhosis caused by hepatitis B, their liver function to detoify and metabolize as well as other phyisical mechanisms get damaged to different extent, so it is easily to arouse toxic accumulation in the body, which not only overburden liver, not good for liver function’s recovery, but also induce other complications.

By adopting combined treatment method from chinese medicine and west medicine, the treatment effect wil be much better than single west medcine. Because chinese medicine is to solve the root cause, west medicine is to solve urgent symptoms. On the basis of chinese medicine, diuretics and alumin will be given, such a combination will improve the effect of diuresis meantime, it can reduce the dosage of diuresis and albumin, reduce the side effects of side effects, avoid electrolytes disorder, with the help of chinese medicine.

Besides, chinese medicine has special efficacy to soothe liver and harmonize stomach, tonify Qi and Spleen, regulate Qi and dredge abdomen, discharge water and dampness, activate bood and dissolve stasis so that liver function can recover. This is a main treatment thinking but multiple methods will be adopted, from chinese medicine. Based on the disease, symptom and syndrome, a set of overall treatment solution can be made for the optimum recovery.

By far, this patient has returned to her country, through our communication, we learnt that she have normal appetite, she can live and work just like healthy people. Such cases with cirrhosis ascites from new zealand, we have helped alot, their ascites disappear and overall condition quite stable.

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