I could not believe TCM is so magical! I have suffered from Hepatitis B for many years, which caused my liver cirrhosis. At the very beginning, ascites came and went, so I did not give much care. When ascites went worse, my belly became quite big, and full of water, which made me panic and fear. I had patient friend who took traditional Chinese medicine treatment in China and achieved good result, so I came here for a try. I did not expect just 20days treatment made my big belly disappear,I felt quite relaxed in my whole body and I feel strength come back to me again, the yellow on my face and hands improved alot. In the past half years, there was no any relapse in the checkup. I am so thankful to China and Traditional Chinese Medicine. I wish all patients suffering from hepatic cirrhosis ascites can get great recovery.

She is from Russia, and has HBV for long time. When she just admitted here, her whole body presents yellow, her big belly just like being pregnant, hardly to walk by herself unless someone support her, her diagnosis is hepatic cirrhosis and splenomegaly.

Why could her ascites disappear just in 20days and her overall condition kept stable?

Here we have to mention the effect of traditional chinese medicine. Ascites is the most common complication of Hepatic cirrhosis. It is called Gu’Zhang( Tympanites) in the medical terminology of Chinese Medicine. Ascites could be mild or serious, common test could not find it even, with the help of B ultrasound, it can be detected. When we treat ascites caused by hepatic cirrhosis, we stress the individual’s  differentiation, that is, what is the reason to cause the hepatic cirrhosis. After knowing their specific constitution, proper treatment solution will be designed, recipes will be prescribed for internal treatment.

Specifically, Chinese medicine treatment in our hospital can control hepatic inflammation, hepatic fibrosis and adjust internal secretion and digestive condition, improve the nutrition supply, we have quite rich experience and advantage in these aspects.

Compared with single west medicine treatment, this treatment has more obvious clinical advantages in therapeutic effect. Besides, people had recognized once hepatic cirrhosis formed, it will be quite hard to reverse in the past, well, in the recent 10 years, clinical practice has proved that for young and mid-aged patients, integrated treatment can bring quite good effect, in other words, many hepatic cirrhosis cases could have reversible effect.

Compound synchronous therapy is adopted to treat hepatitis B hepatic cirrhosis in Hebei Hepatopathy Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Two or more Chinese Patent Medicines will be given to clear heat and toxin, sooth liver and strengthen spleen, activate blood and dissolve stasis etc. Based on the illness condition, anti-virus west medicine will be given together for targeted treatment, so as to adjust the body’s immune function and restrain the reproduction of virus, after this, the hepatic fibrosis progress and development will be blocked and reversed, liver function can be restored and stabilized. Certainly, the clinical manifestation and vital signs can improve.

Hepatic cirrhosis ascites caused by hepatitis B virus can get effectively treated and controlled.

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