She came from our neighbouring country, Russia, 46y/o, she felt quite weak in whole body, and even no strength to walk, no appetite, just wanna sleep, also serious edema in lower limbs, her diagnosis was hepatic ascites decompensated stage. She took treatment in many local hospital, but without good effect, what’s worse, her abdomen distended badly, just like a pregnant woman. She saw her wardmate got good result after tretment in China, so she also came to our hospital for treatment.

After 2nd professional consultation, her distended abdomen reduced alot, edema in lower limbs improved, appetite also increased, urine output increased, after 40days treatment, her ascites disappear completely, no distention in abdomen, urine output improved greatly, mental status and appetite improved obviously. In our recent follow up to her, she can already work normally without any discomforts.

Why chinee medcine can give such great effecct?

Ascites is a very common complications for hepatic cirrhosis cases. There exist alot of difficulty to treat hepatic ascites, if treatment method not proper, this problem will definitely come back and even get worse.

The usual treatment for hepatic ascites include diuretic tablet, diuretic injection, albumin infusion and water drainage etc west medicine solution, though it can relieve fast, still just solve the superficial problem. If patients just discharge the water discharge by west medcine, their electrolytes and micro elements will be lost, correspondingly, large amount energy medicine and albumin have to be given to keep the liquid balance in the body, moreover, portal hypertention and spenomegaly etc problems could not get solved from the root, ascites will definitely increase, that is the main reason for ascite relapse.

Hepatic ascites will also incur other diease in abdomina cavity, which will culture bacteria, especialy abdominocentesis or ascites drainage will more esily cause secondary infection. Secondary or primary peritonitis are very common problem aroused by cirrhosis ascites.

During our treatment, we help patients relieve the symptoms of ascites, meantime, we will focus on the liver function restore by specific chinese medicine solution. Our aim is to restore liver function as much as possible, so it can synthesize albumin again, this is a very important thinking. Besides, we will also consider other organs’ relation with liver, when choose the recipe and medicines, we will solve the symptoms and root cause of the health problem, so as to block the progression of liver damage, restore liver function, regulate and reinforce the body’s immune network, by this comprehensive treatment, cirrhosis ascite wil be solved quite good and no worry for liver function’s worsening.

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