In China, chinese medicine stress treating disease before it developed seriously, that is prevention is very important. If there is already health problem occurred, it is compulsory to have early diagnosis and early tretment to avoid its further development and worsening. We must be aware that liver in our body has quite good compenssation,1/3 and even 1/5 lver function remaining can enure our normal life, that is why, so many hepatc disease patients did not realize their health problem and lost the best opportunity for recovery.

There is such a patient from Russia, who has hepatitis B virus history, in his family, all his 3 brothers suffered from hepatitis B. They depend on anti-virus medicies for long, their condition kept staable and no obvious discomforts bothered them, so he stoped medication without doctor’s approval, as a result, his condition relapsed, hepatic damage worsed to hepatic cirrhosis stage, he tried many hospital but no good effect,, so he came to China, for further trial.

When just admitted here, his belly was just like a round ball, moderate edema presented in lower limbs, hepatitis B test result findings showed Da San Yang HBV-DAN 8.1 ×107copy/ml. Abdomen ultrasound findings: hepatitis cirrhosis, ascites(middle and large amount), splenomegaly, gallbladder secondary changes.

After 6weeks treatment in our hospital, his ascites disappeared, liver function recover to normal. After discharge from here, he has regular monitoring to his liver function, all indicators keep normal, HBV-DAN(-).

Why Could Ascities Caused by Hepatitis B Cirrhosis Have Remarkable Effect?

In the view of chinese medicine, liver has close relation with other organs, to some exxtent, liver’s normality or abnormality have relation with other organs.

Here, we use scientfic overall view of chinese medicine, to trace back the root cause and diagnose clear the disease, and then to give dialectic and systemtic treatment for individual ccase. By regulating the internal organs as an integrity, liver function can recover in a good internal condition. During this course, we will adopt different but effective solution to make breakthrough on the targets, so as to control and treat the cirrhosis caused by hepatitis B. This treatment strategy will build a solid fundation for patients’ recovery.

After treatment, patient’s condition can be stable, so as to lead a life, study and work like normal person.

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